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“I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews regarding the “Time Robbers”. Your presentation was exactly what we needed and wanted.”
Freida Lange, Educational Service Unit 16 



Do you race to meet increasingly unrealistic time expectations and end up feeling harried and unproductive? Do you constantly fight fires with no time to get to the root of the problem? Do you bounce from project to project? Do interruptions rob you of precious time? Do you find yourself procrastinating? Does it seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the demands you face? If you answered YES you may be a victim of five pervasive Time Robbers. Everything today revolves around speed and saving time. To operate successfully we must learn to manage our time.

In this workshop we will address these Time Saving Topics:
  • How you can move from a time-pressured to a time-integrated person
  • Recognizing the difference between urgent and important
  • Three approaches to setting priorities and spending time on what really matters
  • Ideas for dealing with common interruptions
  • A daily discipline to improve productivity at all levels
  • How to use FOCUS to regain time and control in your life

Interactive exercises help participants identify their own time robbers and discuss solutions with others. This workshop is packed full of ideas you can put to work immediately to recapture time for what matters the most.

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