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Success with People

“Having a better understanding of the “minds” of other people makes it so much easier to work with them. You can understand why they do things the way they do them.”
Kelly Gavin, The Telegraph 

In today's complex, changing world we need more than technical expertise. We must also be able to work effectively with all kinds of people, nurture individual talent and build effective teams. This is only possible when we understand and value all types of people. Success with People helps you identify your own personality preferences and develop practical strategies for succeeding with all types of people. Build your people skills as you advance through different classes available in 4 levels of training:
  • Level 1 Foundation Skills introduces the concept of personality preferences and how to value differences. Participants complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator online and receive a personalized Profile describing their own personality type. Suitable for employees and managers at all levels, this class is a pre-requisite for all other Success with People sessions. 
  • Level 2 Skill Builders expands on personality type knowledge as you learn to improve communications, work well on a team, and adapt to individual customers. Three different Skill Builder classes allow participants to apply personality type information in actual work situations and learn techniques for improving results with all types of people. 
  • Level 3 Team Builders addresses leadership development, team building, communication and change management in customized sessions that address specific workplace concerns. New information is combined with an opportunity to interactively discuss and experience concepts presented.  
  • Level 4: Advanced Studies helps managers and leaders build on knowledge gained in Level 2 classes to improve their ability to direct and coach employees. In each of the three Level 4 classes, participants receive in-depth individualized reports providing additional personality type information and ideas for using type concepts in leadership positions. 

Note: All sessions develop people skills through an increased understanding of personality differences. Therefore you MUST complete Level 1:Foundation Skills class and receive your own personality type profile before attending any other Success with People classes. 
Training can be structured to meet the unique needs of your organization. For example, all employees could complete Level 1 plus one or more Level 2 Skill Builders classes. Then individual departments or work groups could use customized Level 3 sessions to address specific work place issues. Managers could add Level 4 sessions to enhance their own effectiveness in helping staff utilize concepts. 

Schedule classes to meet the needs of your group – several at one time in a concentrated format or one every few weeks or months to accommodate scheduling issues and allow for application of the concepts between sessions.

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