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“Our board members were unanimous in their praise for your skill in facilitating our strategic planning session and leading us to some significant steps in the process. Your leadership made the difference.”
Keith Blackledge, President, Habitat for Humanity

“Thank you for everything you did at our recent retreat. I feel elated. This is a terrific start.”
Mayor Jim Whitaker, City of North Platte


Studies show the average manager spends 10 hours a week in meetings. Ninety percent of managers believe half of this time is wasted. Five hours a week amounts to six and a half weeks lost every year by the highest paid employees in an organization. To increase productivity many organizations have turned to professional facilitators to plan and lead their meetings. If your meetings could benefit from an organized, result-oriented approach and an objective, third party perspective, The Executive Extra is just what you are looking for. Lorre McKeone’s facilitating experience spans a wide range of meetings including community advisory panels, leadership retreats, strategic planning initiatives, focus groups and employee meetings.

To insure productive meetings and meaningful outcomes the following approach is used:

  • Lorre meets with key people before the meeting to determine expectations and desired outcomes.
  • A proposed agenda for the meeting is prepared and approved in advance
  • Meeting format is customized to the unique needs of each group. A variety of techniques are employed to insure maximum participation and directed discussion.
  • Lorre’s friendly yet disciplined style of facilitating keeps participants focused on the most important tasks in order to achieve desired outcomes
  • Lorre prepares a written report after the meeting to summarize key discussion points and conclusions.
If you want to energize your group and increase the effectiveness of your meetings, call The Executive Extra today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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