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“Lorre did a wonderful job of presenting with a “new” take on change. Extremely valuable!! Great job!”



Change is constant, radical, accelerating, inevitable, and inescapable. While some find change exhilarating, many more react with emotions ranging from denial to resistance, from bargaining to anger and resentment. While all these reactions are normal and expected, we cannot afford to get stuck in these emotions. Those who survive and thrive today have learned how to move through transitions gracefully and even celebrate the changes they are experiencing. This workshop can help you become more resilient so you can face the future with confidence.

Topics to be covered:
  • How “creative destruction” is continuously changing our world
  • Recognizing the five stages of any change journey
  • The difference between intentional and imposed change
  • Dealing with loss of identity as our situation changes
  • How to reestablish things that endings often destroy
  • Four ways to celebrate change and make a new beginning

This workshop uses discussion, interaction and laughter to help people move through the inevitable changes they face with poise and confidence.

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