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Ive attended a lot of customer service workshops and this is the best Ive seen.

A great workshop. Lorre did a wonderful job of combining information with real world examples and group discussions.

I work with customers all day. This gave me some great ideas.

This class really helps to see customer service from both sides of the counter.

I learned a lot about how to deal with upset customers and how to better please them.



Businesses cannot succeed without customers. Thousands of dollars are spent for advertising to lure customers away from the competition. Yet many businesses still fail. Why? Because getting new customers to come to your business once is not enough. To succeed, you must earn their continued loyalty. This workshop explores three secrets to gaining and keeping loyal customers.
  • Grasp Loyalty by meeting customer expectations: Customers demand and expect accuracy and availability -- the entry fee to the loyalty game. Products and services must be provided without error and at the convenience of the customer. If you dont do this, customers will be dissatisfied and unlikely to return. When you successfully meet these expectations you begin to grasp loyalty and open the door for long term customer satisfaction.

  • Earn Loyalty by exceeding customer expectations: If you merely satisfy your customers you risk losing them to others who offer more. Businesses that insist on finding new ways to impress their customers reap the rewards of loyalty customers who repeatedly buy and encourage others to do the same. Loyalty is built gradually through consistent, committed, and caring service.

  • Keep Loyalty by turning difficulties into opportunities: No matter how loyal a customer is, all it takes is one exceptionally bad experience to lose his/her business forever. Successful companies recognize opportunities afforded by complaints and master the art of dealing with unhappy customers. Winning back unhappy customers sets the stage for fierce loyalty.

Full of real life examples and practical ideas, this workshop will equip you to reach out to your customers in new ways so you can build intense loyalty among your customers.

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