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Experts estimate that the average person spends 70% of each day communicating. But we don’t always get the results we want. Just because you can speak, listen, read and write doesn’t mean you can communicate. And miscommunication can have a detrimental impact on interactions with customers, relationships with co-workers, and the effectiveness of leaders. To improve your ability to communicate you must understand the various pitfalls to understanding and develop new skills to enhance your ability to speak and listen. 

In this workshop you will learn about:
  • Communication breakdowns that sabotage your success
  • How “what we see” impacts “what we say and understand”
  • The pitfalls of one-way communication
  • How our “meta message” impacts trust in a relationship
  • How to improve results by using “drive-through” listening
  • A communication tool for building consensus

This workshop explores the challenges of effective communication and offers practical ways to immediately stop talking and start communicating.

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