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In all walks of life, understanding people is a key ingredient to success. This is easy to do with all the “regular” people – those who are like us and share our history and values. But what can you do about those “slightly irregular” people who are very different?

It helps in life to learn to tolerate people who are not like you. But true success is found when we move beyond tolerance to truly valuing the differences we find in others. This workshop helps you understand the basis for differences so you can appreciate and even find joy in the diversity of the people around you.

Topics we will explore:
  • How personality preferences impact the way people behave
  • How to value others by giving them what they need most
  • Identifying and modifying your approach to conflict
  • Four methods for dealing with anger toward difficult people
  • The power of focusing on “gifts” and expecting success

This workshop provides a humorous and uplifting approach to understanding differences. You will come away with practical ideas you can use immediately to improve results with everyone – even those that are “slightly irregular”.

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