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"I thought I was a good listener until I took this class. Now I know I need to keep working on improving my listening skills.”



Listening is a critical skill for success. The impact of ineffective listening can be significant. If poor listening habits caused every worker in the United States to make just one $5 mistake a year the total cost would be more than half a billion dollars! When we fail to listen to co-workers or supervisors we can make costly errors. When we are inattentive with customers we are unable to meet their needs. If you deal with complicated situations, if you want to improve your results with the people you interact with or if you just want to get more out of life by genuinely paying attention, this workshop is for you!

This workshop will help you learn how to:
  • Minimize barriers to effective listening
  • Become a “listening detective”
  • Use note taking to improve listening accuracy and retention
  • Understand the 3 levels of Listening
  • Tune into what you usually filter out
  • Increase your personal power by listening with empathy

This workshop is very interactive with lots of opportunities to practice listening skills. Even the best listeners can benefit from this fun, hands-on approach to improving your ability to pay attention! 

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