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In 1900, farmers received 42 cents of every dollar spent on food. Today they get just 9 cents with the rest going to marketing, processing, packaging and transportation. As farm profits shrink, operating costs skyrocket. Rural families are increasingly challenged to find new sources of income. This workshop series explores the possibilities of starting sideline businesses in rural areas. Extensive research and in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs provides solid practical advise on what it takes to succeed in non-traditional enterprises.

This topic is covered in four separate 3-hour sessions. Each session addresses a different aspect of non-traditional rural enterprises:
  • The Idea: What are the Possibilities?
    Explore ideas for new enterprises in rural areas. Evaluate your satisfaction with your current operation and your willingness to take risks. Define your business concept as you identify available resources or needs you can fill.
  • The Marketing: Will it Sell?
    See how marketing non-traditional ventures differs from customary ag marketing. Determine your unique niche as you answer: Who will buy what I sell? How much should I charge? How should I promote my business?
  • The Production: Can it be Done?
    Consider practical logistics, evaluate your location, facility and equipment. Look at legal, regulatory and liability factors and how to find suppliers and workers.
  • The Finances: Will it make Money?

This workshop is available in a regular seminar or distance education format. Expand your horizons as you discover new opportunities for rural families today!

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