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“This was excellent, presented with interest and humor and lots of helpful suggestions for my job and personal life as well.” 

“Lorre’s information and encouragement have definitely improved our workplace and relationships.”
Freida Lange, Educational Service Unit 16



Our country loses an estimated $7500 per worker each year to stress, through absenteeism, decreased productivity or worker’s compensation payments. At work, we are confronted by new technology and persistent change. At home, we juggle complicated lifestyles. Life seems to be spinning out of control. We increasingly feel “disconnected” from what really matters. To regain control we must first identify the source of stress and then take proactive steps to regain control of our lives. Topics we will cover in this workshop:
  • Identify your own stress points
  • Determine if stress is controllable, uncontrollable or homemade
  • Learn four strategies for managing controllable stress by changing your situation
  • Manage uncontrollable stress with a practical technique for controlling your reactions
  • Discover the secret to dealing with stress that results from letting our own negative emotions take over

This workshop helps you understand the root cause of stress and then provides practical strategies for reducing all types of stress. The degree to which you can lessen stress ultimately depends on your own attitude and choices. Take steps today to learn how to mentally take charge and make stress work for you by focusing on what matters most.

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