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Hard-working employees promoted to management positions often find themselves in foreign territory. In the past, success was dependent on their own efforts. If something needed to be done, they did it. If they did the job right, they were rewarded. As managers they find they are now responsible for more than they can accomplish alone. To succeed, they must get some of their work done through others. A new and important skill is now needed – they must be able to win over others. “Winning over others” means convincing other people to get something done, the way you want it done. This involves both talking one-on-one and speaking to groups. This workshop provides strategies for effective persuasion in many of the situations you face as a supervisor.

Topics to be covered:
  • Why managers fail
  • Keys to success as a supervisor
  • Three aspects of personal power
  • Steps to making meetings more effective
  • Overcoming resistance to speaking before groups
  • The power of expectations and affirmations

This workshop will help you understand yourself better and equip you with practical tactics for succeeding with the people you supervise. Take the next step toward personal success as you learn how to win over others!

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