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Success with People

“This really helps to examine myself and know how to have better, more effective relationships with my family and co-workers.”
Stasi Sones, Farm Credit Services



LEVEL 1: Foundation Skills  LEVEL 2: Skill Builders
LEVEL 3: Team Builders
LEVEL 4: Advanced Studies
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At Level 1 participants are introduced to the concept of personality preferences and learn to value differences. This class is suitable for all employees and managers. Level 1 is a required pre-requisite for all other Success with People sessions. 

Success with People - Level 1: Foundation Skills - Understanding Personality Types

3-hour workshop
Class size is limited to 10-25 people

The number one cause of career derailment is not a lack of intelligence or technical skills. It is ineffective interpersonal skills. An understanding of personality types can pave the way for successful interactions with all kinds of people. Fun, interactive discussions and exercises reveal why others behave differently. Understanding these differences opens the door to interpersonal success. 
This program uses the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) to help you determine your own personality type. This personality evaluation tool can be easily and conveniently completed online using any computer with an Internet connection. This instrument is scored and participants receive their own individual Personality Profile report at the training session. 
All participants will receive:
  • Online administration of the MBTI evaluation
  • Personalized Myers-Briggs Type Profile report
  • Level 1 training materials
Those purchasing the Deluxe Package will also receive:
  • Introduction to Type booklet
  • Success with People Binder

Workshop Pricing
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