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Success with People

“Excellent team exercises – Practical and real life applications.”
Larry Shearer,
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LEVEL 3: Team Builders  LEVEL 1: Foundation Skills
LEVEL 2: Skill Builders
LEVEL 4: Advanced Studies
Success with People Overview
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At Level 3 workshops are customized to address unique work place challenges. Shortened format makes these sessions ideal for use in staff meetings, department discussions or company-wide team building. Content and exercises are adapted to specific needs based on discussions with managers before the training. New information is combined with an opportunity to interactively discuss and experience concepts presented.  

Success with People - Level 3: Team Builders - Customized Work Sessions  

1 to 2 hour workshops
No limits on class size
One or more Level 2 workshops recommended for maximum results

Team builder sessions are designed to allow specific work groups (departments, branches, even entire organizations) to see personality type dynamics in action as a group. Topic areas, customized to each work group, are adapted around a wide variety of exercises in:         
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Change management
More information about the specific applications and examples of the kinds of work place issues that can be addressed are available on request.
All participants will receive Level 3 training materials

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